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ANNOUNCEMENT: Twitter/Facebook Migration

Hello Interested Readers! Today we are announcing the completion of our full migration to Twitter & Facebook as our primary tools for reaching out to you. In the past we have used email subscriptions for this purpose. However, time are

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The Washington Pastime has recently launched Daily Fiction, a new free-to-participate program which uses mobile technology to give your organization, business, non-profit, health, or educational community instant access to fiction and non-fiction literature for free. The Washington Pastime provides digitally

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ANNOUNCEMENT: 2012 Literary Contest Winners

TWP Contest

1st Place: Taking Flight by JC Hemphill 2nd Place: Maaf Karo, Forgive Me by Sharmeen Farooq Congratulations to both authors, and to the hundreds of writers whose work we had the opportunity to read.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Weekly Fiction


Hi Everyone! As the new year is upon us, it is time for a New Year’s Resolution. The Washington Pastime is constantly working to deliver better fiction, quicker, for you, the reader. Today we make the announcement that we will

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