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Aunt Hedda’s Heritage, by Jan Wiezorek

His gold buttons and official-looking badge were bright beacons in my face. He looked at my 2001 model-year car like I had driven from Mars. “No, it’s only residential on this side of the road.” He waved off-handedly at me.

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Maaf Karo, Forgive me, by Sharmeen Farooq

Fareeda sat so stiff-necked on the cool steel bench that, were her retired military father alive to witness it, she would’ve made him proud. Her hawk eyes, more intense than the unashamed salivating gazes of desperate men, prowled the station

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The Washington Pastime has recently launched Daily Fiction, a new free-to-participate program which uses mobile technology to give your organization, business, non-profit, health, or educational community instant access to fiction and non-fiction literature for free. The Washington Pastime provides digitally

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Job Application Woe!, by Andrew Scott

It was bound to come along…and true to form it has: the dreaded “Quiet Week”. Despite the best of intentions and the most tortuous time applying for jobs there are always the brief periods of silence, awaiting judgement. “The calm

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Breach, by Patrick Ragland

Twenty-three—that’s how many chandeliers Brendan counted—twenty-three. The ceiling was high and arched, of course, being Catholic and Gothic, and from twenty-three gold chains hung twenty-three gold chandeliers. The light of morning mass rendered the flame-shaped bulbs of the plastic candles

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