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Superheroes, by Mike Vidafar

With all of the fuss leading up to movies like The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, it’s no wonder that superheroes have once again taken hold of the hearts and imaginations of our country. Don’t get me wrong – I

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Entertaining Iris Auction, by Christopher Blonde

My mother, Joyce, is fond of smoking with a fervency that trumps her fondness for the mathematics she was famed for in her heyday as well as that for her husband and one measly crack at progeny. When we go

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Taking Flight, by JC Hemphill

“Come on, Becky, just this once,” Mike said to his fiancée as she unraveled newspaper from an indigo vase. A plastic baggy containing two lime-green pills in the shape of footballs rested on the coffee table between them. “After the

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