WTP: Terrorism in the U.S.


CONTEXT:In the wake of tragedies in Auora, Co. (July 20, 2012), Newtown, Ct. (Dec. 14, 2012), and Bostom, MA. (Apr. 15, 2013) in the past few months, some U.S. citizens have begun to feel as if tragedy is becoming the norm. Now, with both suspects in the Boston shooting apparently dead, we ask the question: is Evil simply more prevalent, or are there other agencies at work?

First Suggestion: A.F., Amherst, MA.
I think the media is partially responsible for what’s been going on in recent months with all of these violent atrocities. When you give 24/7 coverage, psychological profiles, and constant name recognition to shooters, you’re going to encourage copy-cats. Better to make them faceless and nameless.

Second SuggestionW.S., Fairfax, VA.
I don’t know who’s to blame, but I think it’s important that the media keep the people informed about who these people are and what they were like, because it can help us to be empowered to stop these sorts of crimes in the future.

Third SuggestionE.A., Portland, OR.
This isn’t about guns or media coverage. It’s about sick people who have no real motivation, except to hurt. Media coverage and guns don’t matter. Clearly.

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