We The People


Introducing “We The People” – A discussion platform where users can submit controversial and current topics of national interest and offer their solutions.

Gun violence. Inadequate healthcare. Testing and developing nuclear weapons. Immigration Reform. Gay Rights.

Odds are, you have something to say about some — if not all — of the topics listed above you.

The Washington Pastime, as part of our promise provide a platform for you to “Be heard,” wants to give you a chance to weigh in on these issues.

Your role:

We encourage viewers to submit (via our WTP Submissions Portal, located on every WTP page) topics of national relevance that warrant further consideration. As a reader, we want you to actively contribute to the discussion, rather than leave these important discussions to people who may be out of touch with your unique opinions and perspectives. You can submit a topic, and/or a response/suggestion for (re)solution.

Our Role:

The Washington Pastime will play the role of moderator and editor — we’ll read through your topic suggestions and responses, and post only what we feel will appropriately continue discourse on relevant subject matter. Plus, none of our readers will have to deal with offensive or disrespectful comments.

We encourage submitters to provide sources and citations wherever possible, and will look to help contributors in those areas when they’re missing. We’ll also proof-read and clean up prose on topics when we feel it’s necessary. But most importantly, we’ll protect your identity — we’ll only post the initials of contributors.

The Goal:

The Washington Pastime hopes that “We The People” becomes part of your daily news intake. We want the topics that are most important to our readers to be an active part of what we do, because the world we live in shapes the stories we read and write. We hope you’ll enjoy contributing to this global initiative, and encourage your friends to become part of the solution.

Use hashtag #wtp to bring the topic to Twitter!


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