df_arrowdemoThe Washington Pastime has recently launched Daily Fiction, a new free-to-participate program which uses mobile technology to give your organization, business, non-profit, health, or educational community instant access to fiction and non-fiction literature for free.

The Washington Pastime provides digitally readable high-definition images that can be scanned by smartphones and other mobile devices, which take users to a mobile website that instantly provides them with literature, in over 12 genres, at no charge. These options satisfy any literary palate and provide your community with an additional entertainment service.

Organizations can reduce electricity costs & subscription costs by replacing video media & print media with Daily Fiction, allowing them to save money and become more green.

The Washington Pastime allows Daily Fiction to be co-branded by the organization promoting the service. Daily Fiction increases end-user satisfaction with zero cost while gaining brand recognition & credibility as educational, technologically advanced, and environmentally friendly.

The Daily Fiction label is convenient, as it can easily be printed and made digitally readable on any medium. It has been considered for coffee shops, cafeteria’s, hospitals, bus stops, libraries, newspapers, and for custom designs. The more places the Daily Fiction label is added, the more access your community will have to the service and the benefit.

Daily Fiction is yet another way your community can become more people-centered. Providing your community with a free, easy-to-use, valuable electronic smart device alternative to conventional media entertainment will save them money, build customer relationships, and launch the community further into a technology and environmentally oriented future.

Daily Fiction is a free service provided to organization, business, non-profit, health, and educational communities to increase customer satisfaction. Research has shown that people across all demographics are demanding more media options at quicker and more reliable rates than ever before. Because people want these options, Daily Fiction can instantly improve the services communities provide and the relationships they cultivate.

It is easy to get a sense of just how easy and natural it is to use Daily Fiction during a demo. To demo Daily Fiction, download a QR Code Reader App for your mobile device, scan the Daily Fiction image above, and begin to explore. For More Information, or to request a meeting, please contact Paul Karaffa at If you represent a hospital, nursing home, or other health facility, please download and read Daily Fiction for Hospitals.

To start using Daily Fiction immediately, please click the link below. You will fill out and submit a form and then be redirected to a webpage to download your Daily Fiction digitally readable high-definition image.

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