If you’ve ever felt inspired by a story you’ve read, we know the feeling.

In 2010 a study from Central Connecticut State University found that the Washington DC area was the most well-read urban city in the United States. But Washington, DC did not have a professional literary magazine in the city representing its stake in contemporary American literature. In a city as diverse as DC, an outlet was needed. People needed to be heard. And so, in July 2011, The Washington Pastime was born, quite literally, from a story. 

The Washington Pastime, LLC was founded in 2011 as a free electronic and print publication based in Washington, DC committed to publishing the best in literary and genre fiction. Work featured here will push literary limitations and take a new look at antiquated perspectives. In short: we strive to publish only the most provocative and moving literature we come across.

Over time, our mission has evolved to encompass our growing role in the literary community as educators. To that end, The Washington Pastime continues to pride itself in helping new and aspiring writers meet their goal of first publication by providing original author resources and articles, real & personalized suggestions for rejected submissions, and opportunities for Promising Young Author (PYA) Affiliation.

The difference between The Washington Pastime and other literary magazines has always been simple — we work with authors to achieve publication.

Authors from all around the world have found both a home and a voice here, and in turn find themselves burrowing a place into the hearts and minds of the readership in the United States, and specifically the DC metropolitan area, who get to enjoy this work for free.

The Washington Pastime Staff


Donations from readers and writers are what keep The Washington Pastime free.


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