Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way: Condensing every tool, skill, and particle of knowledge a writer has at his or her disposal is impossible. The good news is, we’re going to try and do it anyway.

Don’t jump up all at once cheering for this collection of material. Save your stamina for all the work you still have to do, and all the cheers you will need to give yourselves and the other writers out there.

Below you will find a collection of resources for you, the aspiring author, presented for free by The Washington Pastime.Several of these articles are in the works. Please stay tuned, and feel free to contribute, if you’ve got something to add!

Getting Published

Making the Decision
Motivation & Professionalism
The Query Letter – Novel
The Query Letter – Short Story
The Synopsis
Making Connections
Building Your Website
Standard Manuscript Format
How the Publishing Industry Works
Publishing Contracts 101
Publishing Contracts 201
Publishing Contracts 301
Publisher Rights & Author Rights
Book Advances & Royalties
What is Fiction?
Writing: The Nuts and Bolts
How to: Pitch Your Work to an Agent/Publisher

How to Write

How to Write: Improving Prose
How to Write: A Short Story
How to Write: Plays
How to Write: Fiction
How to Write: Flash Fiction
How to Write: Historical Fiction
How to Write: Stories of Legend
How to Write: Thrillers
How to Write: Horror
How to Write: Ghost Stories
How to Write: Fantasy
How to Write: Urban Fantasy
How to Write: Science Fiction
How to Write: Romance

The Future of Publishing

The Future of Publishing
The Digital Age
Self-Publishing: Friend or Foe

Words of Caution

Vanity Publishers

Additional Resources

Promising Young Author (PYA) Affiliate Program
Rite-Path Reviews powered by The Washington Pastime
Collections Anthology


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