What is Skip the Slush™?

Skip the Slush™ is The Washington Pastime’s response to submitting authors who are anxious for results and feedback, and do not want to wait the requisite amount of time for a submission decision (which can take up to 60 business days).

Skip the Slush™ “pushes” your submission to the front of our query piles. By skipping our “slush” editors and their massive submission numbers, authors can rest assured knowing that senior editors will be directly reviewing and notifying them of our submission decision.

How fast can I expect my work to be reviewed if I purchase Skip the Slush™?

Authors who make an online submission after purchasing Skip The Slush™ can expect a submission decision in two business days. If, by noon on the third business day, the author has not received a submission, he or she may query the submission. If an author has not received a submission by the fourth business day, they will be refunded in full.

If I purchase Skip the Slush™, will it be good for all of my submissions?

No. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, a Skip the Slush™ purchase is only valid for one submission. However, an author or submitting contributor may purchase Skip the Slush™ for each piece he or she submits.

Why do you charge a fee for Skip the Slush™?

We charge a fee because it’s the only way we can fairly justify preferential treatment to submitters. Our submissions inbox regularly houses hundreds of submissions, and non-paying submitters are reviewed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. However, we recognize that some writers are especially anxious for submission decisions, and we want to do our best to accommodate them as well.

Can I make block purchases of Skip the Slush™ to get a discount?

Currently, block purchases and bulk discounts are not available. However, we will be monitoring Skip the Slush and our contributor feedback closely to evaluate the desire for such features in the future.

Will purchasing Skip the Slush™ give me an advantage over other authors, or increase the likelihood of a submission acceptance?

ABSOSULTELY NOT! The Washington Pastime wants to stress that we will not bias any submission acceptance upon any sort of prejudice – including prior submission history, submission acceptances, prior publication (in-house or elsewhere), submission genre, or an author’s choice to purchase Skip the Slush™ for a particular submission.

Further, a Skip The Slush™ purchase does not entitle an author to any additional submission feedback. The Washington Pastime strives to provide useful critiques of declined material, and our editors are trained to identify and express areas where we feel a story can stand to improve, or where it was exceptionally strong. That valuable feedback does not enhance or decrease based upon an author’s decision to purchase Skip the Slush™.

I want to purchase Skip the Slush™ for a paper submission. How will that work?

Paper submissions, by nature, will take longer to be reviewed. That is a product of FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the USPS. In other words: it’s completely out of our hands. However, once we receive a paper submission with Skip the Slush™, we will immediately review it. The submission will then be uploaded and emailed back to the author with handwritten annotations alongside a typewritten transcription of those annotations and a digital submission decision. The return of submission material will follow normal paper submission protocols.

I submitted using the standard online portal without Skip the Slush™. I’ve been waiting for some time, and I’ve decided that I would like to purchase Skip the Slush™ to expedite the decision process, because I just can’t wait anymore. Is it possible?

We allow submitting authors to retroactively purchase Skip the Slush™ for pending submissions. After you complete your purchase, please email our contact department at contact(at)washingtonpastime(dot)com to ensure that your story is quickly identified.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Do you accept any other forms of payment?

Unfortunately, no. PayPal is the most secure way for us to accept payment at this time. Please note that you can create a PayPal account for free, and that you can associate both credit and debit cards, as well as checking accounts to your PayPal account.

What happens after my purchase?

After you purchase SkipTheSlush™, The Washington Pastime’s contact team will send an invoice receipt to your PayPal e-mail address. You can attach this receipt to your submission, or you can simply note that you’ve purchased SkipTheSlush™ in your submission synopsis. We know when someone wants to SkipTheSlush™.

If you’ve already submitted a story, and retroactively purchase SkipTheSlush™, you can either re-submit your story, or, if we don’t see a story submission, a member of our contact team will email the address used on PayPal.

PLEASE be aware that The Washington Pastime will only guarantee to send invoices during normal business hours (09:00 EST – 19:00 EST, M-F), though we may be able to generate them outside of those hours as well. ;

I’m ready to skip the slush. Where do I begin?

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