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Taking Flight, by JC Hemphill

“Come on, Becky, just this once,” Mike said to his fiancée as she unraveled newspaper from an indigo vase. A plastic baggy containing two lime-green pills in the shape of footballs rested on the coffee table between them. “After the

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Other People’s Trains, by Richard Luftig

There aren’t many AM stations on the air in Kansas at 3:00 in the morning. Sitting in his car with the motor idling outside the train depot in Topeka, Alan Butler was learning this from hard experience. The best he

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The Ghosts in the Gondola, by Nick Medina

Mist floated down from the mountains. It swirled around the flags hanging from the wire stretched between the balcony of Jeffrey Cooper’s hotel room and the building across the cobblestoned street. Three flags, each depicting something different, hung from the

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