Below please find the weekly 2013 publication schedule for The Washington Pastime:

Mon., 08:00 am EST- News and Announcements, if applicable

Tues., 10:00 am EST – NEW FICTION, published weekly

Wed., 10:00 am EST – NEW WTP, if applicable

Thurs., 10:00 am EST – NEW NON-FICTION, if applicable

Fri., 10:00 am EST – MONTHLY AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT, if applicable

Sat., 10:00 am EST – ADDITIONAL NEW FICTION, if applicable


The Washington Pastime shall do its best to ensure that at least one new fiction piece is published each week, on Tuesday, and that an Author Spotlight piece is published on the last Friday of the month, featuring an author of a story appearing in that month’s digital fiction.

This schedule and publication times are subject to change at the discretion of The Washington Pastime.


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