The Washington Pastime will be closed to new submissions for the coming months. This is in an effort to allow our staff to sort through the enormous amount of submissions in que. We will do our best to review all current stories in the coming months. Thank you for your


    This week, The Washington Pastime is proud to announce that tomorrow’s weekly fiction will be our 2012 Promising Young Author Champion, whose story was chosen from among hundreds submitted throughout our PYA Chapters. PYA story finalists are chosen by chapter support and editorial staff, and sent to The Washington Pastime


    CHAMPION (1st Place): The Chameleon, by Mat Yovin — $1,000 (50% of Total Contest Profit), FREE CONTEST VOUCHER, Digital Publication, & Headline Print Publication 2nd Place: Stars and Stripes, by Lori Gagola — $100 (5% of Total Contest Profit), FREE CONTEST VOUCHER, Digital Publication w/ Payment FINAL FOUR: (1) The

  • WTP: Terrorism in the U.S. WTP-Terror

    CONTEXT:In the wake of tragedies in Auora, Co. (July 20, 2012), Newtown, Ct. (Dec. 14, 2012), and Bostom, MA. (Apr. 15, 2013) in the past few months, some U.S. citizens have begun to feel as if tragedy is becoming the norm. Now, with both suspects in the Boston shooting apparently


    If you truly love telling stories and entertaining others through the written word, then never stop writing, never stop studying the craft, never stop revising or submitting. Do not get discouraged. In November, 2011, The Washington Pastime had the privilege of publishing Patrick Anderson’s short story, Ace of Spades. Patrick

  • AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: RADHA BHARADWAJ Author Spotlight: Bharadwaj

    Radha Bharadwaj is an Indian film maker and writer who moved to the U.S. in her late teens. She received her MFA in Radio, TV, and Film from Temple University’s School of Media and Communication, and is most well known for her directorial debut, Closet Land (1991) which she also

  • The Irishman, by Christian Thompson the irishman

    I. The sun was sitting low and the fat little guard up the front hid under a hat as the chain-gang worked toward him. Dark sweat patches spread out from his pits and every now and then he fanned his little arms like a bloated scarecrow trying to take flight.

  • Swaddling, by Nicole Rogers swaddling

    The hat was lucky, of that I was sure. For starters, it had been rediscovered. Two days after my grandmother’s funeral, right there in the attic, tucked away in some forgotten box. All those years wasted slumbering away, yet when I lifted it out from the clutches of the ancient

  • The Incident with the Brick, by Catherine Crown Brick

    I am an only child. My mother almost died having me. I’m glad she didn’t, though, because I have no idea how it would be at home with nothing besides the one word conversations between me and my dad. “Morning,” he’ll say from behind his newspaper, if we happen to


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