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Wiggle Wiggle, by Eric Christ


I waited offstage and rocked up and down on the balls of my feet. Adrenaline thrummed through my veins like an intoxicating drug. Flunkies yammering into headsets scurried around me, keeping their distance after I went all diva on their

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The Correction, by Kevin Vorshak


The air shimmered before him. Though unusual, the oppressive heat did do odd things to the concrete and asphalt in the large business complex. Part of him considered staying inside his air-conditioned office, but the desire for a cold salad

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A Guilty Dream, by Nathaniel Tower

A Guilty Dream

Norton Taylor wakes from a dream so real he can’t but believe it’s true. In the dream he commits a heinous crime. Brutally murders someone. A small boy. Then he goes to great lengths to cover it up. Weeks pass

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Pink Slips, by Donald McCarthy

Pink Slips

At some point in the future, allegedly. # Mickey Valkyrie, soon to be known only as Eleven, walked the hallway littered with young businessmen and businesswomen trying to look busy in his presence. With the economy as it was, no

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The Last Rite, by Radha Bharadwaj

Last Rite

Kasi was sinking…. They had left him undisturbed, cocooned in worn shawls in a corner of the hut. His eyes are becoming glazed, noted the daughter-in-law. Life went on around Kasi. His wife Ganga stirred an iron pot over the

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Oscillator, by Meera Jhala


When I was ten, my family moved from India to the United States. The move must have dislodged me permanently from equilibrium, because ever since then, like a pendulum, I’ve just kept on swinging. But I’ve not just been a

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The Ties that Bind, by Carol Deminski

The Ties that Bind

It was the third time that year Teesha’s mama almost died. Teesha got called out of her fifth grade class to the Principal’s office. The cab was waiting outside to take her to Jersey City Medical Center. The Principal pressed

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That Chocolate You Love, by Dominique Marshall

That Chocolate You Love

Cheryl Brown dropped off her mother at the nursing home on a Sunday afternoon, right after Mass. She’d already confessed the relief felt on being rid of her. She just wanted to know how many Hail Mary she needed to

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Spell Check, by Carol Ayer

Spell Check

The first day, I found the whole thing interesting, even amusing. I plopped down on the couch, grabbed some popcorn from the bowl on the coffee table, and said to my husband, “So, guess what some of the alphabet blocks

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Beautiful, by Jay Caselbrig

They said it started in Northern Europe somewhere, though nobody really knows. At first, it was a small footnote article in the web press, but then it spread, grew viral in the media, in the hushed and slightly panicked conversation

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